Governor Abercrombie, along with Senate President Tsutsui, Representative Souki and Representative Gil Keith-Agaran honored six Maui companies that were finalists for the
APEC Business Showcase. The luncheon was held at the Vineyard Food Company in Wailuku on September 7th. Also present were: Deidre Tegarden, Governor’s Representative in Maui;
Marvin A Moniz, Airport District Manager; Michelle Yamashita

Governor Abercrombie, along with Senate President
Tsutsui, Representative Souki, Representative Gil Keith-
Agaran and representative of the 6 Maui finalists.

Noni Biotech International is one if the six Maui companies to have been selected as a finalist
in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Statewide Business Application Showcase.

The 6 awardees were selected from 35 finalists by a statewide panel of judges made up of
community and business leaders. The contest required the businesses to: have products
attractive to markets outside of Hawaii, including the APEC member economies;
develop unique, leading or cutting-edge innovations in product development,
technology, marketing or delivery; positively impact Hawaii’s business environment; have
growth and investment potential; adopt environmentally sound programs and practices.

Maui Awardees:

Custom-engineered renewable energy technology through research and development, Maui Winner. (Represented by President
Michael Reiley, Ph.D and Monica Kelsey)

Noni Biotech International:
R&D,Farming, Processing, marketing and sales to bring Hawaiian Noni to the world. (Represented by Paul Nordone, Director of R&D and Marie Laure
Ankaoua, Chief Operating Officer)

Westec Environmental Solutions:
Air pollution and greenhouse gas control. (Represented by Jeff Reiss)

Pacific Biodiesel, Inc.:
Aina Mo Project uses biodiesel by-product to preserve taro cultivation.
(Represented by Beth Mathias, Marketing Director)

Functional Nutriments, LLC:
Apocaps cancer therapeutics using plant-based phytochemicals.
(Represented by James Jacobson)

Grower’s Secret, Inc.:
Increasing food safety through organic agricultural supplements.
(Represented by Wesley Chun, PhD, Chief Science Officer)

“It was a wonderful occasion,” said Jeff Reisspresident of Westec Environmental Solutions.
“We all truly appreciate the State and the County for taking the time and going to the
effort to recognize our High-tech businesses in Hawaii. We are all working very hard and
trying to be a credit to our beautiful State and home on Maui. God Bless us all.”

Noni Biotech Background

Noni Biotech International (NBI) develops and markets internationally high quality products
made from Hawaiian Noni, a fruit which has been used by many cultures for medicinal
purposes for centuries. The company has just received The Presidential “E” Export Award,
from the U.S. Department of Commerce, is the highest award for excellence in exporting.
The company mission is to combine traditional Hawaiian healing with state of the art scientific
research to make the noni available to the world and to continue to establish Hawaii as a
center for innovative agricultural crop development and high technology processing

Governor Abercrombie with Noni Biotech International
representatives, Paul Nordone, Director of R&D and
Marie Laure Ankaoua, Chief Operating Officer.

”This is such an exciting time for us at NBI – we have discovered an angiogenesis inhibitor
(a compound that blocks blood vessel growth) in Hawaiian noni! Angiogenesis is implicated in
many diseases such as cancer, macular degeneration, and psoriasis. If we shut off a
tumor’s blood supply, it can’t grow or metastasize. Our ‘SuperNoni’ capsules would
be a great candidate for a medical food clinical study combined with low dose chemotherapy,
to evaluate a potential synergistic effect against tumors! We are also formulating an all
natural topical cream to treat psoriasis and excema. With proper funding, we could have
two products in clinical trials in 2012 to help people suffering from these dreadful diseases.”

We especially want to thank Deidre Tegarden, the Governor’s Maui Representative for a
wonderfully orchestrated luncheon to acknowledge Maui’s High-Tech businesses.

Deidre Tegarden,
Governor’s Representative in Maui

Noni Biotech International Contact:
Marie Laure Ankaoua
Phone: 1 808 575 9100