Wholesale 100% Pure Hawaiian Bulk Noni Juice and Bulk Noni Juice Concentrate

Noni Biotech International, LLC is a primary processor and manufacturer of premium quality, standardized wholesale bulk Noni ingredients for the natural product and beverage industries, including bottlers, manufacturers, and wholesalers. Our factory is located on the Big Island of Hawaii, abundant rainfall, rich lava soils, and a clean, healthy environment combine to produce the highest quality Noni fruit available on the market. Our products and processes ensure a premium high quality product with no additives or preservatives.

standardized concentrate, Our 100% pure fresh Noni juice is vacuum evaporated at our facility to produce a sweet and pleasant tasting concentrate, making formulation of finished products an easy task. Noni Juice Concentrate can be used as a stand alone product, or can be mixed with juice, syrup, tea, or any other type of beverage to produce finished products.

Our Noni Juice Concentrate is produced at low temperature to retain nutrients and flavor. The unique end product has many formulation possibilities with its sweet, rich flavor.
Our 100% pure Noni juice and Noni juice concentrate are available
in a range of flavors (fresh, aged...) and concentrations (2x 4x 6x...)
Noni Juice Concentrate is always pasteurized before filling in 265 gallon (1000 liter) hard polyethelyne IBC containers.

Noni Biotech International, LLC ships both air and sea containers to the mainland US, Europe, and Asia. Our Noni Juice Concentrate and pure Noni Juice are approved under the European Union Novel Foods Act.

We can also custom formulate and bottle and package products per your specifications.
Certified Organic Noni juice and Noni juice concentrate available on request. Please fill out our wholesale request form here Or call us at 1-800-639-5454 for COA's, product descriptions, information, and samples.