Noni Maui is pleased to offer 100% pure Hawaiian Hawaiian Noni powder by the pound.

Many of our international clients buy Noni powder because powder allows them to save a fortune on shipping charges. Because of its weight, liquid is far more expensive to ship than powder.
Our Noni powder has the same essential elements as our juice. The only difference is that the Noni juice is absorbed right away and the powder is time released as it passes through the digestive system.

Because of our dedication to purity, it takes 18 pounds of Noni fruit to make 1 pound of powder. We use only the pure Noni pulp, no seeds!

recommended dosage 1240 mg – approx one teaspoon

Noni Powder – 4 oz Sample
Noni Powder – 1 Lb
Noni Powder – 2 Lbs