July 23, 2009 — Noni Biotech International LLC is officially announcing the opening of their new processing facility for Noni juice, powders and concentrates addressing the growing international market for Hawaiian Noni. The new facility, located in Hilo, positions Noni Biotech International LLC (dba Noni Maui) as the largest processor of Noni in the Hawaiian islands.

Using state-of-the-art equipment our 12,000 sq ft. fully enclosed facility uses patented processes to produce a sweet and pleasant tasting stand alone concentrated noni product. This facility enables Noni Maui to be the primary processor and manufacturer of premium quality, standardized Hawaiian Noni ingredients for the natural product and beverage industries, including bottlers, manufacturers, and wholesalers without having to ship to the mainland for such processing.

The new factory can process 200,000 lbs. of Noni fruit a month. They are organic HOFA certified under the USDA National Organic Program and have received the coveted seal of quality from the Department of Agriculture

For more than 15 years Noni Maui has been providing consumers with the highest quality Hawaiian Noni on the market. The company ships both air and sea containers to mainland US, Europe, and Asia.


Noni Biotech International has been dedicated to formal scientific cancer research using noni for many years. It has distributors worldwide and is the first and only Hawaiian Noni company approved for sale in the European Union (EU). Noni Maui only sells 100% pure Hawaiian Noni products that are identical to what is utilized in their research. Noni Maui does not dilute its products with additives commonly used to drive profit margins by competitors. All of Noni Maui’s plantations, production and research facilities are located and grown in the pristine Hawaiian costal environment. Contact Information: Marie Laure Ankaoua – Toll Free (800) 639-5454 Local (808) 575-9100 www.nonimaui.com